Jewelry Care


Jewelry Storage

Store Salikas' Jewels in its pouch in a cool, dry place or jewelry box to help reduce tarnishing and oxidation.  Small Ziploc bags are also great for storing and separating jewelry since they are air tight and can help to prevent tarnishing. You can further prevent tarnishing by using small anti-tarnish strips inside the plastic bag. Bags will also keep the pieces from getting scratch or tangled. You can also store necklaces by hanging them. Avoid contact with household chemicals, perfumes, hairspray, deodorant or other products that may cause your jewelry to tarnish and can damage the surface of the jewelry. Do not wear your jewelry when bathing, swimming or in extreme high humidity. Avoid storing pearl jewelry with diamonds, stones or any components that can scratch the surface of the pearls.

Jewelry Cleaning

All jewelry, especially sterling silver can tarnish as it reacts with sulfur and salt air. It also may begin to take on a gray appearance. Cleaning and wearing it regularly will help maintain its shine and prevent this from happening as much as possible. You can wash sterling silver jewelry with mild soap and water. To remove tarnish, use a jewelry cleaning solution or a polishing cloth specifically made for removing tarnish as directed by the directions on the solutions or the cloth. If cleaning jewelry with gemstones or pearls, please make sure the cleaning solution is not too harsh for the gemstones or pearls. Ultrasonic cleaners can damage pearls and more delicate gemstones. Sterling silver or gold jewelry cleaning solutions typically can’t be used to clean jewelry with gemstones or pearls as it’s too harsh and will damage the gemstones or pearls.

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